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If you want to find a wholesale source for a particular product this information will help you do so. This is the same information that I used to sell for $17 by itself. The information is practical and priceless because it allows you to find a wholesale source for virtually every product out there and tips for spotting scams and preventing you from making mistakes that may cost you thousands of dollars!

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Q&A: Here are some questions you're probably asking yourself. If I don't answer your question feel free to send me an email. Even if you don't buy what I'm offering I want to make sure you understand how to buy from real wholesale sources.

Q: Will these wholesale sources deal with people without a storefront?

Answer: The secret that most people don't know is that many real wholesale sources will deal with people without a brick-and-mortar store. If they don't all you have to do is ask somebody in your area with a small store to buy the products for you. I'll tell you how to do that.

Q: What requirements do I need in order to purchase wholesale products?

Answer: Almost all of the wholesale sources on my list won't do business with the public. You will need a business license, tax id and resale certificate. All of these things can be acquired from the city or town you live in. If you live outside the United States you're still going to need to be a registered business. Registering your business doesn't require a physical storefront. But some wholesale sources will require that too. 

Q: Are these wholesale sources located in the United States?

Answer: Almost all of these wholesale sources are located in the United States. This helps assure that the name brand products you're buying are authentic. If you live outside the United States you can still buy from these wholesale sources. Either that or you can find the wholesale source you need and they can tell you where a closer wholesale source is. 

Q: Do I have to buy in large bulk to get true wholesale pricing?

Answer: Buying one product usually won't get you pricing that could be considered wholesale. Maybe "discount retail" at best. In most cases you'll need to buy at least 5 or 10 units in order to get wholesale prices. If the person you're dealing with is nice they might give a you a little extra discount on tiny quantities.

Q: Can some of these wholesale sources dropship to my customers?

Answer: Any wholesale source that calls themself a dropshipper usually isn't a real wholesale source. The real dropshippers are real wholesale sources that don't reveal that they offer this service. Some but not all of the wholesale sources on my list will dropship or "blindly ship" to your customers. However, ordering just one unit usually won't get you the best price. Unless of course you can build a personal relationship with your wholesale source and provide them with tons of orders.

Q: How are these real wholesale sources different than middlemen?

Answer: Middlemen are wholesalers that purchase from real wholesale sources and resell in smaller bulk. If you're looking to buy a very small quantity then maybe buying from a middleman could work for you. However, most middlemen can't provide you with "large bulk" pricing. If you find a hot product that sells like crazy you're going to have to purchase far more than 5 or 10 units. Most middlemen will simply order from the real wholesale source and add a significant markup to the price that you would have paid. It's better to go around them and do it the right way.


P.S. This very second there are hundreds of thousands of people cashing in on products that they purchased from real wholesale sources like the ones on my list. Waiting just one more day to get in on this never-ending "gold rush" is like throwing hundreds of dollars on the ground and walking away. You can either procrastinate or can get started NOW. The choice is all yours. 

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